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Our first product officially launched in 2010 was the end-to-end live streaming platform for broadcasters who required enterprise-level services. This was created by a small team of five (Nick, Hama, Rui, Momoko, Aki) and it went on to successfully provide NHK WORLD’s global streaming service across multiple platforms.


In 2011 we invested in growing the team bringing on Sylvain, Shmulik and Jinn to evolve our frontend, flash player and operations respectively. During this time we made great improvements to the UI and the Five Cool video player working with Piczo for design, and delivered a more redundant architecture giving birth to the E2E Streamhub. Later that year we took a decision to begin developing a new product which would focus on big data audience analytics resulting in Arnaud Tanguy joining the team to lead development and Dan to lead QA.


In early 2012 we opened our Tokyo office to improve our support to Japanese customers where Nico and Daichi would lead the charge, later to be joined by Takahiro. Our development of Streamhub kept going with Joel, Kellen and Tony joining the frontend team, and we had a short project providing the analytics for the live streaming of the London Olympics in Japan. During the second half of the year, we focused our efforts in developing the Android app and work on creating a great user experience around Streamhub v6.


After the summer, Richard Harding and Brent Hansen joined as non-executive board members bringing their wealth of experience in technology and business, whilst Jonas, Sohee and Asuka became the latest members to form the team to further develop our big data capabilities, head and create innovative UI designs and to support the administration of the business.  


This year we have continued to make improvements on the E2E product and focusing much fire power on the launch of the Streamhub analytics platform. With David Orman joining as the Business Strategy Advisor, we have begun out launch phase, introducing the Streamhub product in the market. Over the past two months we have won a few distinctions including the “Best Analytics / Quality of Service” at the Streaming Media Europe Awards and a special commendation at MIPCube’s Labs start-up competition in Cannes.


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Five Cool provided the platform that kept NHK WORLD streaming its HQ live coverage of the Tsunami globally.


"Five Cool's support was world class"

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