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Multi-Platform App Integration 

Sony Smart TV Video Player, hosted on the Opera TV Store

Streamhub provided the platform that kept NHK WORLD streaming its HQ live coverage of the Tsunami globally in spite of all the other services having come down. 

Their support and disaster recovery process was world class and the only one that was able to restart the service within a few hours of the devastating Earthquake. 


Director, Programming & Internet 




Any modern device or data source, we can start tracking right away. 

Some of these devices are: 

- Sony, Samsung and Panasonic Smart TVs

- Playstation

- Xbox

- Wii

- Astro, Telstra, Amino set-top boxes

- Freeview 

- TV Player


Set-top boxes, Game consoles, Smart TVs and more!

Plugins have been prepared for all Android devices and iOS devices. Other products include: 

- Amazon Fire TV

- Apple TV

- Chromecast

- Roku


Android & All other Google platforms

Flash/HTML5 Player Plugins

Our plug-ins for Flash and HTML5 players can be readily adapted to any framework or standard. 

It can also be edited to work for both video and audio streaming, whether it's VOD or Live.


Our development team are constantly building advanced plugins to make the integration with all the players, devices and platforms in the world super-easy! 


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Five Cool has been operating under the Streamhub brand since April 2015

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