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Our consulting services mainly focus on technical development of the latest IPTV services, from content management systems (CMS), to digital rights management (DRM), online and connected device video players and big-data analytics.  We also provide advisory and training services, often as part of project delivery.


The team are experienced in developing and working with most advanced platform technologies across both audio and video content services, as well as the industry challenges surrounding the creation, distribution, monetisation and marketing of content across platforms, both on a national basis and across the world.


  • Technical development of applications that are suited to fit your workflows

  • Selection of online video technologies to increase reach

  • Product management advice

  • Future scoping briefings and training on new technical developments across the media industry


  • Business Intelligence & Strategy: Japanese, Chinese and European media markets

  • Bespoke live streaming platform for global distribution

  • Growth projects and Change Management-  New market entry and advice around business modelling       

  • Technology Suite selection

  • Implementing multi-platform streaming solutions

Our consulting advisory services include:


Our recent work includes:

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Five Cool provided the platform that kept NHK WORLD streaming its HQ live coverage of the Tsunami globally.


"Five Cool's support was world class"

Broadcasting Executive

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