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Streamhub is a audience analytics service built to collect and present data from all media platforms including; offline(TV), online video and social media. It provides a way to measure your audience and benchmark how certain influences affect their performance across all programming.

Our vision is to enable media companies to have an easy way to derive insights about their programme and channel audiences from their various data sources. Streamhub's dashboard enables media companies to optimise content performance from the viewpoint of editorial, distribution, marketing and commercial departments, throughout all levels of the organisation.


Our services automatically correlates viewing data against social media and other factors that influence viewing habits, such as the weather, trending search keywords or the news. You will be empowered to test your assumptions about how effective your theories are about Twitter, Facebook or other influencing factors.


Dashboard centralising all viewing and social data across all platforms


Flexible architecture to work across all major OVPs, players, apps, social media platforms and other yet undefined data sources


Significant time and cost savings by automating an error-prone workflow and making reports accessible across the organisation through a web interface


The industry’s only comprehensive measurement of the complete broadcaster spectrum ready for the age of big data


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Five Cool provided the platform that kept NHK WORLD streaming its HQ live coverage of the Tsunami globally.


"Five Cool's support was world class"

T.Sasahara, NHK

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