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As the only analytics service built from the ground-up for video, we aspire to offer a standard for businesses to empower their teams with data. 


We have worked hard for integration to never be a barrier but above all on ground-breaking big data innovation to enable powerful calculations to be commoditised.

We are a solution to the over-priced generalist analytics services that are not focused for media companies. 

User-friendly & quick

Dashboard for Editorial, Marketing, Research and Sales teams to have a common language

Works with any device

Works with all major OVPs, players, apps, devices and platforms

Building audiences and monetisation

Loyalty is the new currency of success and we will help you build it across all services

Build audience profiles

Create powerul audience profiles by integrating DMP or Panel data with your true behaviroual data


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Five Cool provided the platform that kept NHK WORLD streaming its HQ live coverage of the Tsunami globally.


"Five Cool's support was world class"

Broadcasting Executive


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